Instituto Cervantes Sistema de Acreditación de Centros Instituto Cervantes (Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centres) Español
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Choosing an institution: how can Cervantes Institute accreditation help?

Students choosing a Cervantes Institute-accredited institution to learn Spanish are ensured that it:

  • Is compliant with all legal formalities required to provide education services.
  • Has a teaching programme in place that guarantees students’ learning progress.
  • Has a qualified teaching staff.
  • Adapts its methodology to students.
  • Routinely assesses its programmes and courses.
  • Promote students' participation in official Spanish certification tests, both those conducted at the centre itself or at examination centres in the area.
  • Counsels students on their progress.
  • Has satisfactorily equipped classrooms and other educational facilities.
  • Has nimble procedures in place to ascertain users’ opinions.
  • Responds to students’ complaints and claims.
  • Furnishes itemised information on the courses and services offered.
  • Advertise their programming transparently and accurately.
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