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Commitments assumed by the Cervantes Institute and the accredited institution while accreditation is in effect

The commitments assumed by accredited institutions and the Cervantes Institute in the context of SACIC accreditation are described below.

Cervantes Institute obligations

  • The Institute furnishes a certificate specifying the duration of accreditation.
  • The Institute authorises the non-exclusive use by the institution of the designation 'Cervantes Institute-accredited’ and the respective logotype subject to the Institute’s graphic rules on its usage.
  • The Institute includes a list of all accreditation institutions on the websites used to circulate such information ( and any other media it deems appropriate.

Accredited institution obligations

With respect to the content of accreditation

  • Accredited institutions must ensure that the technical-academic standards are maintained and legal documents and formalities kept up-to-date while accreditation is in effect.
  • While accreditation is in effect, they must inform the Cervantes Institute of any material variation in the conditions assessed (such as change in premises, ownership or management).
  • They must endeavour to adapt the institution’s course design to the Cervantes Institute’s curriculum to ensure that the level of Spanish taught in each course is uniform across all Cervantes Instituted-accredited institutions.
  • They must inform their students about the Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) awarded by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and encourage them to sit the yearly DELE exams.

With respect to the use of accreditation

  • Accredited institutions must further the value and prestige of accreditation.
  • They must refrain from publicising the score specified in the technical-administrative report.
  • They must pay the Cervantes Institute the annual accreditation price.
  • Where stipulated in the technical-administrative report, they must provide for in-house teacher training at their own expense.
  • They must inform the Cervantes Institute of their intention to renew the accreditation agreement at least 8 months prior to expiration.
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