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Cervantes Institute Accreditation System for Institutions Teaching Spanish (SACIC). Service prices, 2019

Price list for Cervantes Institute Accreditation System for Institutions (SACIC). See PDF file.

Accreditation Services
Service Price in 2019

Creation of accreditation dossier

This service includes the creation of a dossier for the institution and the verification of the candidate’s compliance with the minimum accreditation requirements.

It is conducted at the Cervantes Institute headquarters.

This price is payable for initial accreditation proceedings only (not for renewals).

€ 425

Annual accreditation

This service entitles the institution to the benefits associated with accreditation: acknowledgement of ‘Cervantes Institute-accredited’ status; use of the logo and international promotion and publicity as a Cervantes Institute-accredited institution; furtherance of in-house reflection on the its activity; and guidance for ongoing improvement.

This service entails payment of a yearly price for the duration of the accreditation agreement.

€ 1850

Verification of premises after relocation

This service compares an institution’s new premises to the ones assessed for the technical-academic report and set out in the accreditation agreement. It includes an on-site survey to verify that the new premises are to standard and to analyse all legal and safety-related documents.

The travel and per diem expenses incurred in the survey are not included in the price.

€ 600

Assessment Services
Service Price in 2019


This service, which prepares an institution for assessment, includes a visit by the evaluation agency chosen. During the visit, evaluation agency staff hold a meeting with the institution management, analyse the documents to be prepared and submitted for review and deliver a brief with recommendations on the areas on which the institutions should focus to successfully undertake the accreditation procedure.

This service is optional. In other words, an institution applying for initial accreditation may ask the evaluation agency to issue a technical-academic report directly, without hiring its pre-assessment service.

€ 1300

Technical-academic report

This service entails an on-site survey of the candidate institution and the issuance by the evaluation agency of a technical-academic report, as well as the survey findings.

This SACIC type 1 assessmentis required for initial accreditation and on the occasion of the second renewal of the accreditation agreement.

The travel and per diem expenses incurred by the evaluation agency in connection with the survey are not included in the price.

€ 1800


This service, provided by the Cervantes Institute or the evaluation agency chosen by the institution to ratify the existing technical-academic report, entails no on-site survey of the institution.

This SACIC type 2 assessment is required in the first and third renewals of the accreditation agreement.

€ 1250

Revised technical-academic report/ unfavourable survey findings

This service is intended for institutions applying for re-assessment to rectify an adverse technical-academic report: institutions meeting the scoring requirements for rectification are eligible.

Revising the technical-academic report may call for an on-site survey; in such cases, the evaluation agency staff’s travel and per diem expenses are not included in the price.

€ 650

* VAT included, in Spain. Institutions in other countries seeking accreditation should consult the Cervantes Institute in their region about SACIC prices.

Payment for accreditation services is made to the Cervantes Institute. Payment for assessment services is made to the SACIC-certified evaluation agency. Payment for ratification is made to the evaluation agency issuing the technical-academic report.

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