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Minimum requirements to apply for accreditation

To be eligible to apply for Cervantes Institute accreditation, institutions must:

  • Deliver face-to-face Spanish language courses.
  • Be located in cities where the Cervantes Institute has no centre of its own (except under exceptional circumstances).
  • Meet the minimum requirements in terms of academic activity and teaching quality, premises and facilities, administration, information and advertising set out in the Cervantes Institute Accreditation System for Institutions Teaching Spanish, as well as the legal requirements listed in the section entitled ‘Legal requirements and documents’.

Academic activity and teaching quality

Minimum requirements

  • Candidate institutions must engage in professional-level instruction and deliver face-to-face Spanish language courses as a sole, priority or supplementary activity.
  • They must have at least 2 years’ experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
  • They must deliver at least three levels of Spanish language courses.
  • They must employ a person whose workweek includes time to engage exclusively in academic coordination, providing support for students and teachers and managing the institution’s academic activities.
  • They must employ at least two Spanish language teachers. Such teachers must:
    • Hold a university degree.
    • Substantiate at least 60 hours of specialised training in Spanish language teaching.
    • Have at least 2 years’ experience (equivalent to a minimum of 600 hours) in Spanish language teaching.
    • Be permanently employed by the institution.
  • They must have a course design in place that: defines levels, objectives, content, methodological guidelines and assessment criteria.
  • They must have syllabi for their courses and at least for the courses comprising the three levels established in the institution’s curriculum.
  • They must have classroom planning documents for the Spanish language courses delivered.
  • They must keep classroom records showing student attendance, class content and the teaching materials used.

Premises and facilities

Minimum requirements

  • Candidate institutions must have premises measuring at least 150 m² and an associated valid business licence issued to the owner/s. Institutions with smaller premises may be eligible if they engage primarily in Spanish language teaching or have a small volume.
  • They must set aside a space for teachers, fitted with computers, an internet connection and a printer.
  • They must have at least two classrooms devoted primarily to Spanish language teaching.
  • They must have a communal area for class break times.
  • They must have toilet facilities in keeping with their volume of activity.
  • They must have a library or, wanting that, a multi-purpose room that can also be used as a library.
  • They must have technical resources applicable to Spanish language teaching commensurate with their volume of activity (number of students and courses) and at least three audio and three DVD players.


Minimum requirements

  • Candidate institutions must comply with local occupational risk prevention legislation.
  • They must have the human and technical resources needed to run the institution’s academic activities and at least one administrative employee who engages exclusively in such tasks and has administrative expertise, a knowledge of languages and at least one year of clerical experience.
  • They must have a student data management system.
  • They must have a system for assessing user satisfaction.
  • They must have a user support system to respond to suggestions, claims and complaints.
  • They must have a programme of extracurricular activities designed to heighten the appreciation of culture in the Spanish language.

Information and advertising

Minimum requirements

  • Candidate institutions must have a brochure containing information on their service offering in at least two languages available to the general public.
  • They must have a publicly accessible website in at least two languages.
  • Both these media must contain clear and detailed information on:
    • the institution
    • courses and course content
    • the registration prices to be paid by students
    • the conditions governing the services offered
    • the charges and conditions governing reimbursement in the event of cancellation by the user or the institution.
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