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Scoring criteria

1.1. General scoring Rules

Issuance of a favourable technical-academic report is contingent upon compliance with each and every one of the following requirements:

  • A minimum total score of 80
  • The following minimum itemised scores:
    1. academic activity and teaching quality: 44
    2. premises and facilities: 12
    3. administration: 20
    4. information and advertising: 4
  • The following minimum scores under the heading ‘academic activity and teaching quality’:
    • educational planning that ensures suitable learning progress: 6
    • qualified teaching staff: 6
    • effective methodology suited to students’ needs: 6

Maximum and minimum scores by area.

Area or itemMaximum scoreMinimum score
* There is no minimum score for this section.
* No minimum score established.

1. Academic activity and teaching quality (Maximum score for this area: 55; minimum: 44)
1.1. Educational planning that ensures suitable learning progress13,756
1.2. Qualified teaching staff13,756
1.3. Effective methodology suited to students’ needs13,756
1.4. Evaluation of knowledge8,25*
1.5. Student progress counselling5,50*
2. Premises and facilities (Maximum score for this area: 15; minimum: 12)
2.1. Suitable premises and furnishings5*
2.2. Duly equipped classrooms5*
2.3. Sufficient materials and facilities5*
3. Administration (Maximum score for this area: 25; minimum: 20)
3.1. Efficient administration and customer service-oriented organisational model9*
3.2. Qualified administrative staff6*
3.3. Veracity and accuracy of certificates and administrative documents5 *
3.4. Supplementary services5*
4. Information and advertising (Maximum score for this area: 5; minimum: 4)
4.1. Complete, detailed information2*
4.2. Offering accurately reflected2*
4.3. Itemised list of course registration and supplementary service fees1*

1.2. Scoring

When determining compliance with the aforementioned areas, the evaluation agency assesses the items listed on the Cervantes Institute’s self-assessment questionnaire reproduced on pages 37-101 of the document entitled Accreditation System Procedure. General Information (in Spanish). As these items are weighted by the system, the scores are automatically prorated. To guarantee standardised assessments, all the evaluation agencies conduct their surveys on the grounds of the same Cervantes Institute guidelines.

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